Nova Oikos.

Nova Oikos is a place for subversive research and practice of/for:  – Autonomy in cooperation – Freedom with respect – Self-sufficiency and Solidarity – Voluntary Simplicity, Simple living, Anti-consumerism – Permaculture and Natural farming

We are by now (2011) in the “dreaming” step. That means – the geografical place is there, the working group is being formed and the basis of the project is being created.
An intellectual written work about the project has been made, and a big part of the “making it real” planning is done. It will be available at firstly, in french then in english and portuguese.
We’ll have a lot of work in 2012 and that shall be lots of fun!
Revolution is an everyday decision! Wake up and do it!

If you want to join this adventure, that will be a pleasure to create that with you. Send us your ideas! What is your dream? What do you want to BE? How do you want to get there?

From the land : Guerrilla Gardening, Organic/Natural Farming, Ecological Building, PERMACULTURE, Agro-ecology

From the brain : Publication of articles related to the transition towards a post capitalistic society and economy. Study group in Social, Economic and Environmental Sciences. Translation and dissemination of texts and specific literature on Economic DEGROWTH and related alternatives, etc.

From the heart : Spreading the word, making it real!